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Fiona and Portia

Have arrived! We will have all Fiona's shipped in about a week. Will be shipping Portia in a few weeks.

Lasher Studios 2013

This year we are changing our ordering process as to cut our wait times after ordering your doll. We will start with "Elphie". Here is how the process will go, not on all dolls, but on this particular doll: A pre-order period of 2 weeks will be open ordering, you will have that time to make your payment in full. After that 2 week period, we will place the order with our factory. From that time it takes our factory 3-4 months to put the order in their schedule and produce this quantity of dolls. QUALITY is important: it is meticulous work and takes time. Once the dolls have been delivered to Lasher Studios, they will be inspected, sorted, dressed if necessary, carefully packaged for their new Moms, and those that ordered a custom face up will be painted, wich will take an additional 1-3 weeks.

We will also be doing small editions again that Kim will be painting herself. Exclusives under an edition of 50 (with some exceptions) will be hand-painted. Larger editions may have the option of purchasing a custom face up by Kim. All information and options will always be given up front on ordering page.


Please contact: lasherstudios@yahoo.com with any questions before ordering.


Re: Fiona and Portia

They are on the way as we speak to my studio. We will be working overtime to get them all out to you as soon as possible.

Re: Lydia

The factory is working on them now. Will update soon with a ship date.


Ningyo, spring pre-order period TBD
4.5" Tiny


Lasher Studios October, 2012


Ashley, Shipping and Handling

Karyn, Office Manager




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